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Here are some of my thoughts and values i feel nutrition plays in a healthy @ active lifestyle.
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The importance of stretching and preventative warm-ups that can help decrease injuries.
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Some of the important benefits i feel cardio exercise can help & improve your everyday life.
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Strength Training
Some solid & functional ways to help increase lean muscle & keep that core rock hard w/o back pain.
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what clients are saying ...

Eddie Cibrian
I have been training with MJ for almost 2 years. Not only is he knowledgeable in all aspects of training; muscular endurance, speed, stretch, power, flexibility, MJ has great skill set is keeping his client motivated. His commitment to his clients, his commitment to your fitness goals, his positive no nonsense approach to helping you get through the times you do not feel like working out, sets him apart from all other trainers. Whether you are just starting out or you are competitive athlete, MJ without a doubt will help you achieve your fitness goals.
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Anna Diamond
Simply put, with respect to fitness, MJ has been the driving force behind my ultimate achievements, changes and success, via his vast knowledge, experience, and highly inspirational and motivational skills. I have worked out my entire adult life. I have had many trainers, intermittently throughout, but not until I met MJ was I ever truly, personally, trained. Physically, he has custom-designed, ever-changing and challenging workouts, very specific to my own personal needs.
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